Arriving into the Dream: An anthem to the struggle that was not

Last night I had a dream.  A friend, a healer, a weaver of thought fields, is guiding me across the ocean.  She instructs me in a 3-tone chant that will awaken our arrival to the other side of the ocean.  I am fluidly and solidly riding across this ocean with her.  The ocean is vast and alarming.  Choppy waves are all around but they don’t seem to affect our smooth ride across the waters.  This ocean I realize, in the dream, is the water that is moving us through a deep passage of healing and resurrection.  I am in awe of the realness of the water–I must pass over it.

On the other side is a dance of beautiful life.  Crisp, rich colors of an Indian-influence.  We are in a techni-color paradise where we have arrived to feed our bodies and souls.  My friend has arranged a glorious lunch for us!

Today, awake in the sunlight of Spring, the arrival of the Dream is bleeding through the web of created life.  I feel the anticipation of that techni-color dream – the glory of life spinning into new life — green shots from the rainbow seeds.  Within me is also the outpouring of the waves.  The oceanic movements that send oscillations through my body and emotions.  The chunk-ing off of harden stone like a demolish site on this passage of time.  Softened memories now of the traumas, the brutally experienced life of imploding deadened culture that makes a spun off life float in a cycle of lost causes.

My body is sensitive and open today to these waves of the struggle to cross the ocean.  But the transformation is notable.  I am sitting in that Eden-like respite looking back at the sea and sending the waves back into the ocean from the heart portal of infinite time.  I am releasing the waves to settle into their container of ordered passages that depth of schools to awaken, a garden of many ways.

I can feel the softened heart space within and a very physically real placement awaiting my new sun–the star fuel of God-engineered, elemental-particle body rising to the formation of a newly oriented axis.  I am the new earth formation in elemental-particle form magnetizing to the new sun and I am the new sun.

Golden shields of spherical light blending like liquid gold – an alchemical process of formation that creates harmonic balance.  The rift valleys of dis-harmonic noise moving into spaces of no space, anti-matter.  There is no spin-off now, only home locations of rooted living fabric weavings.

This is a process of abstraction to the mind and the life of old world perception.  How is it possible to become the sun?  To formulize the Earth’s axial movement?  To shift the construction of the waving containers of time?

My friend the thought weaver would say it is all a matter of landing into that neutral place where every creation, which is the manifestation of a thought, is allowed to exist in the heart breath and the infinite body.  Zero point, to be in unification with all that is, was and ever will be, cracks open the shell of the old body to reveal the infinite body where the sun, the Earth and all creations are discovered in our very own body of God-engineered reflection of the whole.  It is here that we become translucent, and in fact, no reflection of self-created design can be seen.  Through you, I see the all, and  I am the all.

This dream of last night is in the library of heart-stories that solidify our newly formed thought patterns that wave across the collective dream field.  As receptacles of these stories, we are crafting the fable of our time, a fable that is already lit in the night sky.  We the cosmic dreamers can be seen with our quills and ink scrolling the storied Dream through the spiral of infinite time.  We are standing now at the center-point of that spiraled story, quill in hand as a final drop of ink releases.


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Following the Yellow Brick Road to the Edge of the Earth

It’s been 5 months since I clearly got the inner direction to step out!  The call came in loud and clear: “The inside is now the outside.”  No more would be the hibernation of what has been almost 3 years of inner journeying largely alone.  No more would be the time to consider the past, present and future of life unraveling, dissolving, dis-assimilating from the grid of collective human creation.  NO, the inside is now the outside.  The inner temple of light is enough to fulfill the decree to be the light, anchor the light, and create the light.

In the incubator of heart resonance, with 100 brave, pioneering souls, I landed.  CA, Chrysalis retreat with Barbara Marx Hubbard, the vision became clear.  What this vision entails is the future, alive now.  I am now solidly walking the timeline of the future.  This doesn’t sound as impossible as you might think.  Many people “come” from the future.  They hold the dream of tomorrow.  It is so real for them because they are that future reality that all of humanity will springboard into eventually.  Their role is to create a reflection, a mirror, to the rest of the world of our evolving humanity.  In their mirror, we can see our future.

We have a multitude of timelines at work currently.  The status quo that keeps most of humanity enslaved, exploited and disempowered is one timeline (with many trajectories supporting this reality).  The “future” timeline that I am seeing is true freedom for all people.  Where does this timeline take us?  Following the yellow brick road to the edge of the Earth.

Humanity is waking up.  The tipping point potentially manifesting.  Tunisia and Egypt began this out-pouring of truth telling.  Several months before these uprisings I had a dream.  I’m in a Middle Eastern country.  I’m walking home and see police beating people.  I know that they cannot see me because I’m not really here–I’m an infiltrating frequency to witness and in my observing I am allowing reality to “be”.  It is in the “beingness” that this reality of oppression can be transcended.  I make it home to discover that Dr. Martin Luther King is my father.  He lets me in.  He’s noticeably aged, calm and also “being.”  He shows me how the government has covered the house with a new facade and made a front “prayer room” to spy on the people.  We both softly observe it and feel nothing of its power.  The government, the police, the spying tactics have no power.

Months later I’m glued to the TV watching the uprising in Egypt.  I realize the dream as prophecy.  I realize consciousness as power.  I realize that the Everyday Humanitarians are waking up.  The Middle East is the key.  A land that has been fought over and dominated by controllers  has the power to catalyze global transformation.  And now, we are witnessing Occupy Wall Street gatherings all around the world – they are inspired by the Arab Spring.  Many are on the yellow brick road walking towards the Emerald City.

When I was 5 I was Dorothy for Halloween.  Little did I know that the archetype of Dorothy and the symbology of Oz and the Emerald City would become a story of awakening to my power.  Today, this story is all around me.  This summer I announce to a small group of seekers, “I feel like I have woken up, and I’m in the Emerald City.  It is the miracle time.”  A friend from The Bee Hive Collective tells me of her recent journey into the spiritual dimension, “We were in Oz and you were Dorothy.”  Another friend shares her story of heart break and dreams deferred.  Salvation coming when the doors to the Emerald City open and reveal the goodness of love undivided.

I’ve been seeking the Emerald City my whole life.  That enchanting place where one’s heart desires are fulfilled.  The home within where love, goodness and security are never ending.  What may get us on the yellow brick road may be the Wizard, the hope that he will save us and fulfill our needs.  But when one gets to the end of the yellow brick road, the Wizard is discovered to be false and a weak substitute for fulfillment.

A few weeks back I’m pulled into a journey.  It’s riveting and racing.  I’m headed somewhere, and it is a necessary adventure I sense as I see myself running intently down a path through the woods.  I end up on a bridge where I portal into the stars.  I travel through the cosmos for awhile and then I land.  I am in Oz.

The yellow brick road stretches out in multiple directions.  The Emerald City behind me.  Rather than walk towards the City, I am drawn to an off-shoot of the road that ends at the foot of the woods.  And I see myself, adorned in white, pink and golden light swirling about me, a Queen sitting on her cushion of power, the white lotus.  I bow at my feet and cry.  This is what I have come to Oz for.

The racing thoughts of need disappear.  There is no need, only beautiful, desirous existence.  I am this woman of no need.  I am this woman of quiet possibility.  I am this woman of perfect love.

I absorb my ascended presence–feeling the ease of existence loving every part of me.  I sit as me on the Queen’s cushion.  I understand that “need” in this presence is nonsensical.  How could one have need when you are all that is?

To go home, to have a heart, to find courage, or to have wisdom — these were never not with you.  It was only a trick of the false Wizard that made us believe we were without.

I open my eyes from this journey to Oz still feeling the energetic tendrils of my ascended self sitting upon the lotus.  It is this feeling that makes me realize that she is not a fantasy or an unattainable state only to be found in the spiritual realm of Oz.  I decide to try to pull her into my physical experience, which is easy to do as I’m still connected.  And in she comes, not as a blissful thought or a memory but as an alive life breathing presence.  With my eyes wide open I am her; fully embodied by her as if a warm, delicious coat has been wrapped around my body.

The presence lasts for 20 maybe 30 minutes.  I allow it to disperse as my mind wants to consider the impact of this unfolding into my reality.  A few short days later, it comes back.  I am no longer holding space for this presence, it is receiving me with wing tipped arms.

Up to this point of human evolution the yellow brick road has ended with the Wizard and even the good witch who can transport us home.  The tipping point of manifesting our true freedom will come when we know that it is not the Wizard, the good witch, the government, the corporations, the politicians, our parents or our families, our lovers, husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, friends, teachers, children, elders, countries, universities,  religions, scientists, bankers, etc., etc., etc. that will answer our prayers, hopes and dreams.  It is and always has been YOU.

When you discover that the Wizard is false, the question becomes where will the yellow brick road take you now?  What you may discover is that it takes you to the edge of Earth.  When you get there it appears that there is nothing there.  It’s blank, seemingly empty.  But one by one, more people arrive.  They too have discovered the road to the edge of the Earth.  You hold hands and collectively decide to jump.  You jump into the unknown, yet, you know you are falling safely into your own arms.

At the edge of the Earth, the false Wizard dissolves and the New Earth rises out of the seemingly empty edge.  Oz becomes a far away dream.  All the “future” timelines of freedom and peace presented by those from the future like Dr. Martin Luther King are now.

Dr. Martin Luther King once took me to his mountain top.  He said to me, “My love is the same as the one that is in you.”  From this vista on the mountain top I could see his dream and the dream of the many that came before him–freedom for all of human kind to live without tyranny and to freely choose ones’ destiny.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…not because it is given to us but because we are sovereign and we are free.

Global transformation will come when we awaken to the freedom we always had.

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Preparing for Unity Consciousness: The Synergy of the Unified Heart

Unity consciousness, the knowledge that everything is inter-connected, has been lived by our most famous mystics and spiritual teachers.  When fully embodied in unity consciousness, miraculous things happen.  Jesus walked on water.  The Buddha used his psychic powers to levitate and be omni-present. Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King freed the oppressed.

Unity consciousness allows for miraculous feats and transformations because all things become equal, dissolving limitations.  You are the same as water.  You are human being AND you are the universe.  When you are all of these things, there is no restriction to what can be accomplished.  All of life communicates with you, and you with it, and the universal language is love.

Love from the unity consciousness perspective is the simple truth that all of life is created from the same source.  This source, call it God, Creator or the Divine, creates out of the  tremendous desire to perpetuate itself.  This is love.  Love of self, love of existence, love of being in the space of created experience.  When we are in unity consciousness we know this truth.  Love becomes the motivation for all of our experiences and creations.

Because of the mental challenge unity consciousness presents us with (believing that we are separate, even separate within ourselves as we wrestle with the mind to come to an agreement within), we can easily dismiss the possibility that the kind of love unity consciousness offers is not accessible to us.  We listen to those that seem to have it and hope that their essence will rub off on us.  But how many of us actually believe that we can be awakened?

Our understanding of awakening is changing.  It is no longer the guru sitting on the mountain top in ecstatic bliss, and this is for a good reason.  Our society and our Earth need awakened people.  It is only through unity consciousness that we will invent, create, and become the solutions to our dying planet and hateful, exploitative society.  We are beyond the attempts to integrate ethics into the capitalistic economy as solutions.  These solutions are only a stepping stone into the heart, a genuine knowing that we are all one.

So it is time for the Everyday Humanitarians, the ones of pure heart, to awaken.  This awakening is facilitated through the unified heart, the birth place of unity consciousness.  I have posted on my website a summary of this birth place, The Synergy of the Unified Heart.  I received these teachings over the course of one year and have waited for the right moment to publicize it.  I feel the moment is now.

The Synergy of the Unified Heart is an energetic transmission, which means the words carry a vibrational signature that will seek harmony within you.  As they do, you may begin to feel your unified heart.

I encourage you to sit with the passages.  Feel how they resonate in your body, heart, mind and spirit.  Meditate with it.  Allow yourself the space to awaken.

When unity consciousness is acknowledged in just one person, all of humanity receives the power to awaken.

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New Humanity Radio – Be in Your Heart: The Heart Centered Life

We often hear that being in our heart, over our mind, is the path to enlightened living. Why is this? One reason is that the mind takes us out of the moment. Once we are no longer living in the moment all sorts of unease enters into our lives. Being in our heart connects us with the eternal now. It is in the eternal now that we have the ability to find peace and to know our true selves. It is also in the reality of the heart that we live our soul purpose. Compassion, unconditional love and passion are key to knowing our hearts’ true desire. In the New Earth, the New Humanity begins and ends with the heart. Join us for a discussion on how to begin.

Listen Now

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The Bee Hive Collective Ceremony ~ Follow the Honey

The Bee Hive Collective was invited to commence the Grand Opening of Follow the Honey, a honey and bee-inspired store in Cambridge, MA.  The store’s opening coincided with National Honey Bee Day, a day to celebrate the grand honey bee that provides us with honey, flowers and food.

For the Bee Hive Collective it was an honor to bring sacred ceremony to Harvard Square and for the customers of Follow the Honey.  As we prepared for the ceremony, we did not know what would be at the heart of it.  We’ve learned that spirit, especially the spirit of the bee and Mother Earth, decides what form the ceremony will take.  We can never know all of the impact of our work, but what was clear is that we were to be the conduits for a healing.  The healing was for Mother Earth, the bees and for the dark history that surrounds many New England towns.

Days after our ceremony the earth shook and Hurricane Irene devastated many communities.  We are clearing our past to rebuild the Earth and our communities.  One way to rebuild is through the light offered by bees and honey.  Our ceremonies open the doorway to the lighted path of bees and honey.

Posted below are a short introduction and the ceremonial words spoken at the Cambridge ceremony.  I recommend that you read the ceremonial words with drumming playing.  It will enhance your experience.  As you read, feel the words and hear the vibration that is speaking to you.

Let us know what you experience.

Honey love,


Invocation into the Bee Hive Collective


The primordial hum of ancients known, of destines gathering into the Sun


Goddess light we call to you from the Earth, Human, Honey in the Heart Hive…throw your light, Queen of Honey, Liquid Light.


The pearls of knowledge are with us now.  We give witness to your highest desire and the sacred Mother, feminine, matriarch, deities and goddess to which we now turn.

Blessed Bee.


Welcome, I am Corrina, this is Brian, Mary and Roberta.  We are the Bee Hive Collective.

About a year ago I received an intuitive awareness about why the honey bees are dying and how to help them.  What I learned is that just like humans have multiple layers of consciousness so do bees.  Ancient cultures like the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks and many indigenous peoples’ understood this about bees.  They are more than just physical bodies with a physical function and role in nature.  Their multidimensional importance can be understood from how they are precisely integrated into nature.  Honey bees are a social insect anchored by a living Matriarch, the Queen.  All that they do is in service to the feminine impulse to nurture life.  Pollination is an obvious aspect to this.

Humanity has largely abandoned the feminine aspect of life.  We destroy life.  We try to conquer living forms, including the bees.  Thus, the honey bees are revolting.  They are sending us a message that it is time to change how we behave on this planet.  This involves more than changing what we buy or tweaking our scientific and technological approaches to agriculture.  What is called for is a transformation of the human species from rational, thought-driven primates to spirit-driven, heart-centered creators.

It is this human element of the bee collapse that the Bee Hive Collective is dedicated to.  We are healing our human relationship to the bee and to one another, and most importantly, to the spirit relationship within.

What you are about to experience is part story, part ancient wisdom mixed with new wisdom, and part energetic transmission for healing the bees and humanity and awakening the honey in your heart.

This is a sacred ceremony and a guided journey into the divine feminine, the female principle of life that is the bee’s playground.  You may experience something or nothing.  Regardless of your journey I encourage you to get into a meditative grounded, space-even close your eyes-so that you can hear and see the sacred, ancient world of the bees and understand more deeply their message for humanity at this time.


Drumming Begins

The honey bees are in trouble.  Leaving their hives, falling off flowers mid-pollination, disappearing into the ethers of the Earth realm.  Colony Collapse Disorder.

Likewise, it is Humanity Collapsing into Disorder.  Disorder of our mind, disorder of the lands of the bee, disorder of the fruits that feed us, disorder of the communities that knew of, held, taught of the ancient ways to keep, pray, and bee with the BEE.

I began this journey when I was born.  My mother churning the light of a backyard hive.  The bees, a mixture of domesticated and wild, run away bees, caught my eye.  A dozen stings later, and an ambulance ride to the hospital, we, my mother and I, knew life would never be the same after those bee stings.


Honey, is the nectar of the Mother.  Our Mother, the Great Mother, Pachamama, Gaia, Mother Earth, EART H.

Honey sweetness, earth knowing, life enforcing, the nectar of the Mother.

She is the light in our hearts.


Honey bees first came to America on ships from Europe.

The intelligence of the bees knew.  They knew of the torrent of darkness that was about to descend on the Natives of America.

They scouted out the land—pre-empting the settlers…

The rocky coast, the long sandy beaches, the green mountains, the soft valleys of Native lands.  Pre-America, OUR America.

But the bees knew.

Bees the original settlers…

Cosmic residents of a densified planet…

Heaven descending into their wings, into their honey, into the dance of pollen…

They knew of the consequential push for new territory, resources AND hopes and dreams of FREEDOM.


FREEDOM, is it possible?

The Goddess, THE Queen of the Hive, whispers, “And, it is, for naught, of the other, it is for naught, of the Mother.”


1622, the first ship with hives arrives in Virginia

–On the HOPEWELL, days before the March 22 Jamestown massacre.

347 English settlers killed.

Later, 200 Powhatan Indians die from poisoned “peace” drinks in retaliation.

Blood on everyone’s hands.  Peace lost in the trappings of Father Time.

Honey bees make their way up the coast line, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts.

1638, a second shipment of hives arrives from Europe; they come to MA.

1661, John Eliot translates the New Testament into a Native American language.

There is no translation for honey.

The  ‘White Man’s fly’, the Natives call it.

The honey bee becomes synonymous with the destruction of life.

Centuries earlier…

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, stone hives are built into the roof–the parishioners listening for heaven.

Flying out of their toiled lives of hard agriculture and grim life prospects.

To them, the bees are heaven.

They set their sights on the DREAM.


FREEDOM, is it possible?

The Goddess, THE Queen of the Hive, whispers, “And, it is, for naught, of the other, it is for naught, of the Mother.”


This history is caught in the hive.  Wanting for the explosion, wanting for the ripping, the tearing, the combing OUT of these trappings.

Trappings of suffering,

Trappings of death,

Trappings of the darkness.

Deep in the forests of East Africa.  The hive splits OPEN.

Honey is spilling, pouring, expanding, covering, DRENCHING the origins of time “immortal” into TIME ETERNAL.

We go back to the beginning.


Apis mellifera,

wild forest bee,

tree climbing,

hive spinning,

cylindrical lobing into infinity.

Cosmic time spirals out from the Hive.  The landing pad of liquid light.  Creation of ALL.

How far the honey bee has travelled from this humid, life-channeling forest.

A human stands beneath the tree.  Wavering, deciding, hoping.  The forest teems.  Quiet overcomes the honey hunter.

The Queen is generous today.  The hive opens to the grateful hunter.  Mounds of honey—ecstasy, rapture, delight.


“I’m throwing light today”, the Goddess says.  “Throwing light into your mouths, into your hearts, into your brain, into your cellular structure.”

Time “immortal” is now TIME ETERNAL.

“I’m throwing light so you can see.

— the empty chair..

I have arrived — so now you can SEE.”


Poisoned Peace

We are trapped here, says the elder Native.  Help us.

The rushing of the tribes—claiming their stake, flags at their ready.  Ready to resist, the Last Stand.

But there is no space to move

CONDENSION sets in – Trapped in the archives of history, trapped in our cellular memories.


The Native that still cries for his land.

The settler that lost the DREAM.

The honey hunter that can’t find the forest hive anymore.

The bee that has lost its flower.

FREEDOM eludes us.


FREEDOM, is it possible?

The Goddess, THE Queen of the Hive, whispers, “And, it is, for naught, of the other, it is for naught, of the Mother.”


“I am throwing light because I love you”, the Goddess speaks.   “What terrible deeds you have done.  What a disastrous plight you have won.”

The Earth chair is empty.  There is no one manning OUR Earth ship.

And do you remember that it is our ship?  From the stars we were born and from the stars we descend.

Earth, ABSENTIA, reads the sign.





This story does have an ending, a resolve.

Finding our way back to the Mother.


Can you feel them now?

The bees, spinning light.

The bees, swarming your vision.

The bees, calling you back into the liquid light hive.

There is honey in your heart.

It is churning.

Manna, God’s nectar…

Sweet life joy.


Divine feminine, womb of life, emerges out of the honeyed heart.

Mother Earth, Gaia, Shekinah, Mary, Quan Yin, Tara, Ianna, Isis, Shakti.

Sacred grace.


It is time that you know your heart.

Inner world of your desires,

the night blooming flower, soft nectar dripping in the night.

The heart receives and gives love

beauty and compassion.

It beats to the pulse of the divine feminine — nurturing the seeds of the world.

In you, are the seeds.


The Great Father, the masculine divine, growing life with his sharp solar glare.

The new shoot pierces the Earth at the break of dawn.

Manifesting possibility.



Clearing space.  Clearing time “immortal”.


The Emerging Heart speaks:

Love.  Love is.  It is our universal connection to one another.  It is the fuel of your creative being. It is the spark that catalyzes you into the unity of your heart.  Within your heart is the seed to unity: the twin flame of the heart.  The twin flame melting the divine feminine and masculine into one—awakening your inner heart’s desire and the worldly possibilities.

In oneness, the divine masculine and feminine pulsates, spiraling–the feminine energy receiving and the masculine giving.  These energies merge allowing for connection, giving and receiving, creating and manifesting—all in-sync. The divine masculine and feminine energies unify and are creating a super intelligence that catalyzes greatness instantly.  What is coming to form is neither masculine nor feminine in nature; it is divine light structured in perfect harmony.”


We are the unified heart generation.  We are the children of honey.

We find our way back to the Mother.  And FREEDOM is possible.  For ALL who open themselves to the honeyed heart.

You are the initiates into the Honey, Liquid, Light, Human Hive.


Today, our journey ends somewhere in the New England woods where there is a bear hunting honey.

Honey that came from Europe, that came from Africa, and is blessed by the Mother.

Drumming Ends

Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the Peacemakers,
for they shall be known as the Children of God.
But I say to you that hear, love your enemies,
do good to those who hate you,
bless those who curse you,
pray for those who abuse you.
To those who strike you on the cheek, offer the other also,
and from those who take away your cloak,
do not withhold your coat as well.
Give to everyone who begs from you,
and of those who take away your goods, do not ask them again.
And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

Prayer for Peace (Cheyenne)

Let us know peace.
For as long as the moon shall rise,
For as long as the rivers shall flow,
For as long as the sun shall shine,
For as long as the grass shall grow,
Let us know peace.

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Children of Honey

“I am a child of the 6th sun.  I AM the children of honey, and I have tasted the honey from the other side.”  I have been hearing these words for 3 weeks now.  As I was preparing to go to the 13 indigenous grandmother’s sacred fire in Montpelier, VT, the impulse of honey, bees and the sun moved their way through me. My experiences adding up to paint a picture of crisp clarity.  Finally, to be understood and seen in the sunlight.

What began as a shamanic journey became real.  And the words flowed from inside me like the honey that encases my heart.

“I have been to the cave of grandmothers where you crowned me Queen and gave me all of your tools.  You said to me, ‘Now, go it is your world now.’ And I left the cave and found myself looking over the planet from a tree.”

These are the words that I shared in my prayers to the grandmothers.  I wanted them to hear my experience.  The experience of the 6th sun, the experience of honey dripping from the hives with joyful remembrance, the experience of knowing what is to come.

In my shamanic journey, the grandmothers pushed me out of the cave where I waited in a tree until star beings arrived and then we flew!  Dancing through the sky weaving about the sky helping the confused masses who didn’t understand why there was so much despair and destruction.

Prophecy, Grandmother Flordemayo, says isn’t something of the future.  It is something that we are living.  I can attest that as I prayed, sang, danced and put healing intentions into the sacred fire, there were tornadoes striking the cities and towns near my home causing confusion and massive destruction.  Prophecy is indeed lived.

What I want to share is the prophecy of the bees that has been tracking me through the bee consciousness for the last year.  The massive death of bees around the world are both a message to humanity of our dying Earth, and they hold the key to the New Earth.  They are, in fact, calling in the new sun and the new reality structure in which Earth and all of life will reside.  They are the weavers of the cosmic multiverse that will become our new Earth home.

What happens between now and this vision of our new home is a miraculous journey of awakening to the unified heart within ourselves and the planetary center.  There are defined locations around the planet that hold the key to unlocking our planet from the trapped time/space/reality of duality that we have experienced.  It is at these locations that the original bees species with their original DNA become unlocked from a holding space where they have been for eons.  And the global bee hive collective is resurrected.

Many of these bee species do not exist today.  But through a combination of ceremony, healing and heart awakening the spirit of the bee rises into the New Earth.  It is in the New Earth that the bee goddess, gods and deities are heard again and can do their job in sustaining the life force between spirit and bee.

As the spirit of the bee is ascending, they are teaching us about the new, heart-centered reality that we as a human hive collective are becoming.  The “hive” is the structure of the multi-dimensional universe in which Earth and humans live.  As the bees become unlocked so does the global hive structure and the sweetness of honey.  A collective grid of honey comb expands out across the planet–tuning all of us into the unity of all things.  Just as the bees communicate collectively, humanity is becoming newly connected to feel, know and love one another through the hive structure.

Each of us sits in our own cell of the hive.  Most at the moment are not aware that one is sitting inside the loveliest nectar that could ever be experienced.  But as one awakens, the cells next to them awaken.  It is the smell and taste of honey, that blissful experience of the nectar of being alive and existing in the fluidity of all of creation, that acts like a smelling salt to the sleeping cells.

Once we get a whiff of it the heart begins to activate.  Soon the honey is flowing and another awakens.

Thus, the bee hive is our collective, unified mind that connects us to the mind of God.  The honey is the heart, the fulfilled feeling and taste of sweetness that arouses in us all of our experiences.

At the core of the bees’ survival and leap into the New Earth is the re-rooting of the Tree of Life, the very Earth spirit that organizes all of life on Earth.  In the New Earth, we know that we are all one as we are in unity consciousness.  Union and connection are the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical landscape from which we live and create.  In our current trapped state Earth is not connected to the larger whole of the cosmos and our Tree of Life is dying.

Fortunately, nature is coded to evolve and unearth new ways of being.  It is in the DNA of the plants, some currently in physical existence, and others in the spirit body of the planet, that re-root the original Tree of Life, the divine design of nature, back into the planet.

There is a clear pattern of creation that dictates how this evolution will occur.  It begins with the synergy of the original two trees of life that hold the original DNA of all of the plant life on the planet.  The archetype of these trees are held in the core of the Earth.  In combination with the planting of indigenous plant species around the globe, the original trees become alive again from the depths of the Earth.  This creates a frequency that awakens the dormant DNA of the necessary plants for suffering and extinct bee species.  The plants’ DNA serve as attractors to the DNA of diverse bee species–creating a unified dance of flower and bee in their original form of divine structured light.  From this dance, harmony is restored in the bee collective.

This process releases the song of Mother Earth.  When she reaches her peak experience, a hum that sounds like the bees buzzing, Father Sky–the heavens and the sun–calls back!  And we are released from the trapped duality experience of being alone in this big universe.

All the while millions are waking in their nectar cells.

“The time of the year Thirteen B’aqtun on our solar calendar of 365 days, a time of great social, political, economic and spiritual changes in our region, America and the entire world …all the prophecies of Thirteen B’aqtun will be fulfilled on the year bearer Eleven Kame. For conscious beings, the children of honey, the sixth sun, there will be marvelous changes of light…Right now we are awaiting the time of One B’atz and One Chowen, day of inspiration of the Dawning.”–Chuchqajaw Kaqchikel Achi Ijatz, Apolinario Chile Pixtún (2005) Coordinador Titular of the Gran Confederación de Consejos Principales Ajq’ijab’ Mayab’ de Guatemala

“In the prophesies and in our codex it talks about a new generation–people made of honey that will be the return of the new Q’anil, the new dawn. The sprouts of the children of this Fifth Grandfather Sun will bring us to the sixth sun and its next energies in the Oxlajuj (13) Baqtuns- the new time, the new count, and to be united in our lives in the Zero time.  The Sun and the Earth will have these seeds…[of the] teachings and news and messages for the new dawn.” –Declaration from the Council on February 11th and 12th, 2005, Wuqu Tz’i Waqxaqi B’atz’

We are the children of honey.

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New Humanity Radio: The Energy Body and Our Soul’s Purpose

It is time to understand more about how we are wired. Within our body and being, we are encapsulated by an energy body. The chakra system is the structure that operates our energy body. As we evolve personally and globally, our energy body is shifting. These shifts involve accessing new chakras and, ultimately, an entirely new energy body, the light body. In this show, we will discuss some of the shifts we are experiencing and why. These shifts are in-tune with our soul purpose and how they unfold will be different for everyone. Yet, we all have something in common if we have chosen to awaken at this time. Hope you’ll join us for this enlightening conversation.

Listen Now

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